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is my conector consola clone (nes) broken?

is my conector consola clone (nes) broken?
by on (#108840)
hello, i test my new consola clone (supercom 72) with the game off road. The console really take the game to the first, but I appreciated a bug in the game graph (in the race track)
I review the slot of consola, I see that the last pin has a different position from the others, I do not know if this is normal or not

here I leave a photo
Re: is my conector consola clone (nes) broken?
by on (#111699)
Assuming those are pins 36 and 72, that will short Vcc (+5V) to Ground (GND). This could be problematic on a console with no cartridge connected, unless the console itself has built-in games. If the console has built-in games, that ground line could instead be tied to the Vcc on the ROM of the built-in game circuit, and would then be used to determine if a cartridge was actually connected or not.

If this system doesn't have any built-in games, I'd recommend using somthing along the lines of a needle or saftey pin to ease the pins back to their respective sides (power off of course). If those are in fact pins 36 and 72, that would completely short out the console, risking breaking internals (since clones usually won't have internal protection for that sort of thing).