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powerpak intro module bugfix

powerpak intro module bugfix
by on (#108729)
On the Powerpak title screen, if you press Start to play the last game that was previously played, it will go to the options menu (with the save file, game genie codes, play the game), and display the filenames of the game file and the save file. But contrary to appearances, the save file was never actually loaded. You had to manually select the save file in order for it to be loaded.

Well, I fixed that so now it properly loads the save file. This is a replacement for the intro module file I.MAP. Just replace the file on the flash card that you're using with this file, and you're good to go. I've also included source code if anybody's interested in that.

I sent the file and source code to bunnyboy already, though at this writing he has not yet updated it on the retrousb website.
Re: powerpak intro module bugfix
by on (#108730)
Confirmed this fix works, thanks Doppel!
Re: powerpak intro module bugfix
by on (#237929)
Thanks so much!