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SMB1 Help

SMB1 Help
by on (#106680)
I am currently making a hack of the FDS SMB1 where is matches SMB2J in everything, including physics.

This is what has been done:

1. Fixed Minus World glitch
2. Got timer routine to count down on X-4 stages
3. Added skid sound from SMB2J
4. Jump physics match SMB2J
5. Graphics match SMB2J

I only need help with making it a one player game and adding fireworks routine from SMB2J.
I have found an smb1 .ips patch for the NES that does a jsr mod to make it a one player game. When porting the code to the FDS through hex editing, the FDS version is $20 less than the NES, so I successfully added it to FDS but something is still not right. I am now learning assembly and this is above my skill.

I will pay anyone $20 USD through Paypal if they are able to make this a 1 player game and add fireworks routine frm SmB2J. As mentioned, these are the only two thing needed to complete this upgrade.

Please, only PM me if you are serious about doing this and know ASM well enough. We will work through ips patches, and I will send you the patch of my current hack.

I have checked with the administrator and this topic is not breaking any Forum rules, so please do not complain about this topic. Thank you :wink: .