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Some place to show off NES demoes

Some place to show off NES demoes
by on (#103422)
Some time ago back at the very beginning I was in NESDev in 2004, the NESDev main page used to show off NES demoes made by a couple of people active in the communauty.

Those are still here as today on the NESdev main page :

Is there any chances more recent demoes, by myelf and by other people, could be uploaded ? Becaure right now there is not really official place to upload suff, and temporary links tends to disappear...
Re: Some place to show off NES demoes
by on (#103424)
There's the wiki projects page:

I dunno how many of those links still work (hopefully most, but I haven't checked).
Re: Some place to show off NES demoes
by on (#103461)
I had someone volunteer to redo and update the main page. For whatever reason I just loathe the idea of changing it (because of it's simplicity maybe, plus I just realized the index page design is nearly half as old as the NES/FC itself), but certainly it does need updating.

Best place for now I'd say would be the Projects section of the forum. Thankfully, the new forum allows attachments. Initially it only allowed images, but it's been changed to allow ZIP files and stuff. Everyone should feel free to upload their stuff directly to the forum! I also hate links to temporary storage sites and such, it's always annoying.

Also I'm still offering free web hosting to whomever here needs it. At
Re: Some place to show off NES demoes
by on (#103463)
The page could use some reorganizing, but the old-school nearly plaintext element of it is a rare thing worth keeping that is a reminder for the age of the site. It loads fast too!
Re: Some place to show off NES demoes
by on (#103537)
Oh man! The counter is only a few thousand from rolling over to a MILLION NES freaks :D
Re: Some place to show off NES demoes
by on (#103774)
OK I think I'll follow membler's advice and upload my demoes to the Projects section of the forum. That way if I suddenly die or whatever my demoes will not be lost for the NESdev community.

EDIT : This would still have the major inconvenient that it'd be hard to find them for someone looking for them. The NESDev main page should be a better choice in my opinion, but it's up to the admins to decide of course.
Re: Some place to show off NES demoes
by on (#104438)
Forum is fine for announcing new releases, but yes, after some time they'll got lost among newer posts.
Is it possible to upload .zip's with ROM-images to the wiki? That'd be a bit more permanent than forum uploads.

Another place for homebrew releases would be which would be a great site - if it'd be working... I haven't be able to download anything from there in past 10-15 years, either it's bugging on older browsers... or, the newest effect is that it's telling me that my OS is so old that I can't possibly be a living person ;-) and instead I must be a spam-bot and don't even get read-access to the webpage :-(
Re: Some place to show off NES demoes
by on (#104441)
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Re: Some place to show off NES demoes
by on (#104447) works for me with links2 and dillo. It looks like it should work fine with any browser that doesn't support javascript, actually.