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everynes hardware specs updated

everynes hardware specs updated
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Updated my everynes doc, containing more or less complete NES hardware specs: - html version - text version
a copy in windows .hlp format is included in my no$nes emulator, it's organized in pages, and, if you can view microsoft .hlp, easier to read than the endless long txt/htm files.

The main news are the Controllers chapter (covering every controller and and-on that I've ever heard of), and the Arcarde/Hotelbox chapters (VS System, PC10, FamicomBox). Plus some other news here and there, like the CIC specs. The whole thing is a mix-up of my own research and info found in the internet (if I've forgot to add credits in all cases: sorry! Thanks to everybody who has released NES info, even it's just been a photo of an exotic controller, it's been a big help!)

Hope the doc will be useful as programming reference to some people. Additions or corrections would be great! Not owning the various controllers, I couldn't do tests on real hardware, so there are still a lot of details marked as "unknown". Some of that details (like: what value is in an unused bit?) are fairly irrelevant, but it'd be still nice to know them.

EDIT: With the huge update, I meant the "Controllers" chapter (in middle of contents), not the "No$nes Controls" chapter (at begin of contents). May have been misleading as both are (roughly) covering the same subject.
Re: everynes hardware specs updated
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Thanks for the documentation!
Re: everynes hardware specs updated
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I always love your sections on controller protocols, thanks for making this.
Re: everynes hardware specs updated
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Love your document! A PDF formatted version (suitable for printing) would be nice aswell. :)
Re: everynes hardware specs updated
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Wow, very clear and precise. Wish I had seen this before.