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PlayChoice 10 Motherboard

PlayChoice 10 Motherboard
by on (#96837)
Hi! In an effort to modernize my top-loading NES I am on the lookout for or any information leading to the procurement of a PlayChoice 10 motherboard for RGB modification purposes.

I was wondering if anyone has a spare they may be able to sell or can please help point me in the direction of somewhere I can purchase one. Thank you so very very much :D

by on (#96878)
I hate to complain, but IMHO that's really a waste for a working Playchoice 10 board. They seem to fail easier than an NES (relatively complex board, so not surprising), so you might be able to get a non-working one from someone. Best place I know of to ask would be on the KLOV wanted forum.

I have a Playchoice, no spare board though. I've finished a board layout for an NES-to-Playchoice cart adapter I want to produce, needs further testing still.

I know one of the VS PPU versions is compatible.. I believe it was used by Duck Hunt. So you might have an easier time finding a VS Duck Hunt kit, or a VS mainboard with Duck Hunt included. At least on ebay, these seem more common than Playchoice mainboards.

by on (#96879)
Bribe kevtris for a Kevtendo board. :P