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Nikkei Electronics 'How the Famicom was Born' Translations

Nikkei Electronics 'How the Famicom was Born' Translations
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I know many of you are familiar with the online version of a 1995 Nikkei Electronics profile of the Famicom's development. It's been discussed here before, but in a limited manner, since it is (obviously) in Japanese.

As part of my dissertation research, I've had a few parts translated. Specifically, parts 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Those sections were the most relevant to my writing and I think the content will interest many of you. Lots of nice details on the Famicom's links to the ColecoVision, the choice of the 6502, the shape and color of the console, the Radar Scope/Donkey Kong conversion, and so on. The most recent part, posted today, has some detailed technical info on the short-lived Famicom modem. Some of this info is new or hard to find in English.

Enjoy! And if anyone wants to have a bakesale or something to fund more translations, let me know. These things get expensive. :wink:

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Simply awesome!

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It looks kinda like...

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Funny, I just happened to read these article translations on glitteberri yesterday (before you posted). I had scanned and OCR'ed in a Zelda developers' interview for translating, then realized it had already been translated on that site! :?