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anyone need a composer?

anyone need a composer?
by on (#89643)
Hi, i was wondering if anyone needed music for any homebrew projects. Ive been trying to get into the homebrew scene specifically nes, and its taking me a while to get the hang of programming for it. however, Ido know music fairly well, played in a lot of bands, and constantly work on music andcan make something extremely useable in famitracker.

by on (#89644)
I'm sure there are plenty of people that would like a composer that can work with FamiTracker. I believe there is software out now to actually use FamiTracker data within a game ready sound engine that supports sound effects now.

by on (#89649)
Actually, there are many people who want to compose for NES games as well. I guess, it is a good idea to make something to show first, so people would see what exactly you are capable to do.

by on (#89653)
Mmh I can compose music but my skils are somewhat limited right now (I can compose mostly short boring tunes in A minor and then I'm unable to make them as long as I wanted them to do), so if you are a good chiptune composer then I'd be interested in including a couple of songs of yours in one of my projects.

I don't think I'll use famitone or famitracker but this can be fine for prototyping the music. In fact I just like to use my own sound engines.