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NES programming marathon

NES programming marathon
by on (#88338)
I have thought about this a few times and finally decided to see if anyone else thinks it would be fun.

I think it would be fun to get a group of us NES Dev'ers to spend a weekend coding a small demo or game, marathon style, and on web camera if available and the coder would not mind. I figure it would be fun going in to it with a concept, notes, and graphics on hand... and then spend the weekend actually coding the game or demo up with all the results posted at the end of the marathon.

by on (#88342)
I've had a few ideas that I've always thought I could do in a weekend but always keep going from project to project and re-doing them, I guess you could count me in if you'd think one-level-above-pong dificulty game would be good. :)

by on (#88343)
I usually get tired of things after one hour of two, especially programming as it's very mind intensive.

So no, no there's no way I'd waste a whole weekend on something like that - I'd rather spend a few hours here and there in the weekend for a project.

by on (#88346)
Depends when you want to start marathon.
In about 2 weeks from yesterday my end-of-term examinations of 3rd semester will start and I won't be able to participate.But it really sounds like fun.I have no web camera, but can use cell phone.
I'm somehow opposite to Bregalad:
Making grafics is a pain.
Making music is REAL pain.
But I can spend hours coding.I just like it very much.
You can count me in depending on date of marathon.

by on (#88352)
I would probably try something too ambitious and not come anywhere near finishing what I planned in just a weekend.

I like the idea though, and if I could convince myself to plan something simpler I would be tempted to try this.

by on (#88357)
Maybe do it during an existing jam, like the Ludum Dare loose-rules jams or global game jam? Might be nice to get a team together for one of those and represent.

by on (#88363)
If you mean - a group that works together on a game, I'm pretty sure it will not work, especially if there are more than two people in the team, and if they never worked together. Team work has some benefits for sure, but it does not make things faster in general. In fact, it easily makes them way slower that they could be done with a single person, given the person is capable to do everything that is needed.

If you mean - every person works on his own game, well, it is doable, but a week mean a very simple game, or low quality. Is the marathon more important that quality?

by on (#88364)
Anyone here ever heard of the Allegro SpeedHack?