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Collaboration project - VVVVVV for NES

Collaboration project - VVVVVV for NES
by on (#88035)
I have an idea - let's make VVVVVV port for nes (if you don't know what it is it's pretty fun and hard gravity game).

Author, Terry Cavanagh is pretty okay with fan ports, and someone even is developing C64 port.

I don't want to be just idea guy and on my part I can take care of graphics as I'm pretty skillful with YY-CHR.

by on (#88036)
I hadn't seen this game before. It actually really reminds me of Battle Kid. If Sivak added anti-gravity to Battle Kid, it pretty much would be this game.

It could be a fun project, but it really would need a hardcore dedicated VVVVVV fan running it. If only the artist really wants this, it won't go very far.

I have a feeling this will go the way of the last collab poll. A lot of interest, but no one actually pulling through and committing.

by on (#88038)
Yeah, but that last collab try was for making game from scratch. This is merely a port and since we got here pretty skilled programmers it won't be so hard to code basic game system (it's just about flipping gravity, spikes and enemies kill you instantly and you return to last checkpoint and even just one button except for d-pad is enough to play this game). Hardest part would be menus and dialogs (and maybe level editor, but that probably not gonna happen). Anyway, I started to work on CHR file and got font partially, but won't have much time for it until friday.

by on (#88043)
For a game like this, I don't think anyone would need a graphics guy. The entire game already looks like programmer art.

5 minutes of making graphics, and then months of programming. It's probably more than possible to do a level editor and (depending on how long it is), actually have all the screens in the original game (ported to NES res). The screens aren't detailed, so even with simple RLE you could store a lot of them. And because it doesn't scroll, you could use vblank time to update tiles for all the fancy background effects.

Edit 2: Ah, wait. Found some scrolling parts in a video.

Like the other proposed project, I could probably do it. I could probably even do it "quickly". But I'd just wonder why I was doing it.

Edit: Oh wait. I assumed the linked topic was this one. That guy was offering payment, graphics AND music + a lot of design freedom and people didn't really wanna commit.

I've made a clone once or twice. But making a 1:1 clone of a game is not interesting to me in the least. And if I'm going to be original, I may as well really be original.