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Paying money to make a game for iRate gamer...

Paying money to make a game for iRate gamer...
by on (#81223)
Posting this here for a guy on NA who wants to get a game made for iRate gamer, here's the post:

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a programmer interested in helping develop a video game for the Irate Gamer. He is a friend of mine and has asked me to work with him on this project.

He would like a game produced for the NES. I will be producing a die cut box, manual and map for the game and it will be sold online. Obviously, with his large viewership we can expect decent sales. An agreement would be made to pay a royalty per copy to the programmer.

Please do not make this an AVGN vs Irate Gamer thread by the way. I realize that is controversial.

Thank You


Mail him on NA, userrname "nesrepro". Yep.

by on (#81224)
I thought "Irate Gamer" was considered a taboo phrase to say in public.

by on (#81225)
And I thought "Irate Gamer" was someone who turned on iRate Radio while gaming.

See also the thread on NA Brewery.

by on (#81226)
So what I'm seeing is that we get no money for the time spent programming it, just a small part of the sales?

Sounds like VERY low pay. Certainly not enough to break me away from my current project.

by on (#81234)
"You do all the work and I'll make the packaging, then make all the money" doesn't sound like such a good pitch :D 50% of the after-cost profit would be much more enticing considering the work split. Heck, even a 30% cut would be OK considering that there is an IP involved.

by on (#81241)
Yeah I get the feeling you don't really realise how much work would go into programming a big game like this. I think some upfront payment wouldn't even be that weird.

edit: upon rereading this thread I just realised the guy that started it isn't the guy who wants it done >_> ignore me.

by on (#82150)
Do you guys need a musician?