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PowerPak CF reading demo

PowerPak CF reading demo
by on (#81216)
Here's a little proof of concept that I whipped up yesterday and today about how to read files from the CF card on PowerPak. It uses an open source FAT32 library ( and was written in C. fat32-lib-test.nes, when executed on PowerPak, reads 3 files (image.*) from the card and copies them to PPU memory to display an image.

The library also supports creating new files and removing them, etc (unfortunately creation of new files seems to be pretty slow when there are a lot of files on the card). Something like this can be a big help in making a new menu system in the future. Naturally there's an endless amount of other applications for it as well. :)

It uses MMC1 because the default NROM mapper shipped on PowerPak doesn't seem to have WRAM enabled (the library uses > 2KB RAM).

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