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SMB2J on Famicom cart?

SMB2J on Famicom cart?
by on (#75611)
SMB2J on Famicom cart?
Is this possible?
And what should i do to accomplish it?
( I don't know how to write on Famicom carts and other stuff like it)
Or can i hack smb to be like smb2j?

by on (#75612)
It's possible.

Experience the lost levels at RetroZone.

by on (#75615)
But this is for NES and i want it for famicom

by on (#75619)
The RetroZone product page states that it will work with a 72-60 pin converter, allowing you to plug the cart into a Famicom.

by on (#75620)
If you have a Famicom, can't you use an FDS?

by on (#75621)
Getting a working fds and working smb2j disk is like a nightmare.

by on (#75626)
That depends on how much money you are willing to spend.

I don't see what the big deal is though. Loopy created a MMC3 hacked version which you could put in any number of Famicom cartridges if you wanted.