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Funny idea for a NES game boss

Funny idea for a NES game boss
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Imagine a game like Mega-Man. The hero and boss have energy bars, and fight in a small, non-scrolling room with a few platforms. The hero can jump and shoot a little pellet gun, and the boss can jump around too.

The game's premise is that you were teleported to an alternate reality where 80's and 90's music groups that have become "possessed" and must be defeated in order to cure them.

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The hero drops into the room... and the boss is MC Hammer (complete w/ sparkly gold parachute pants). The background music starts playing "Can't touch this". He jumps around to the beat. When the lyrics would say "Can't touch this", if the hero is near him he takes extra damage. When the lyrics would say "stop. hammer time" time for the hero freezes (he's suspended in mid-air if he's mid-jump). When time stops, MC Hammer starts throwing hammers at the player (purely horz in the player direction). The only way to avoid that attack is to time your jump so that you're out of the line of fire when time freezes.

Just when the hero defeats MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice drops down from a hole in the ceiling. His weapon can freeze you in place on contact (think Metroid ice-beam).

Other boss ideas:

Don't even want to know what happens when Tone Loc shows up. Maybe he steals $50 every time the hero gets hit.

The Bangles will attack with the "Eternal Flame". etc....

idk why I thought of this. The radio was advertising that this year's state fair headline group would be MC Hammer and Tone Loc.

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Hammer's mounting his comeback career at the Wis. State Fair! Fucking hilarious!! I'm only down with this idea if Ace of Base is one of the bosses. I have no idea why, but when you said "80's and 90's" groups, that group is the first thing that came to mind.

Oh, and Taco. Taco better be one of the bosses, if not the final boss.

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Your MC Hammer sounds like Flash Man borrowing Bowser's sidearm from SMB1. Perhaps when you defeat him, he could confess that when he sampled "Super Freak" he had to become Rick James's bitch.

That CATS guy from Zero Wing could join Ace of Base.

What Taco? CmdrTaco from Slashdot?

clueless: I invite you to join my wiki and start a user page about ideas for funny Mega Man bosses.

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tepples wrote:
What Taco? CmdrTaco from Slashdot?

Taco. The 80's finest one-hit-wonder!!!

EDIT: ROFL! I just actually re-watched it for the first time in years. Sheesus, is that horrible!!!

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tepples wrote:
clueless: I invite you to join my wiki and start a user page about ideas for funny Mega Man bosses. ... ame_bosses

I'm not a very prolific writer. I also don't have time to polish anything right now. But it would be neat to gather boss / mini-boss ideas for potential use in a future game.

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I did plan to have certain enemies synced to the music in my game, but never a boss. Not a bad idea.

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So what is Vanilla Ice's "Collaborate and Listen" attack?

by on (#74896)
Rick Roll. NES destroys itself in anger at being had again.

by on (#75891)
it's gonna be so hard to code the movement for all five spice girls at once, let alone the dynamic motion of n'sync

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MC Hammer and Tone Loc at Wisconsin state fair! I smell road trip!

maybe in a later stage you can stop Kurt Cobain from blowing his brains out...or would that be too controversial? 2Pac and Biggie should make an appearance too. Ace of Base could throw playing cards at you. and A+ on having Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer as a combo boss.

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ManicGenius wrote:
Rick Roll. NES destroys itself in anger at being had again.