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NES/Famicom Multicart Menu Complete Source Code

NES/Famicom Multicart Menu Complete Source Code
by on (#67630)
Hi guys,

I'm wonderin if anyone can share the complete source code for building an NES/Famicom multicart ROM by combining the PRGs and CHRs of multiples games in a single NES ROM or at least to have the multicart menu as the snapshot below:
Thanx in advance,

by on (#67631)
Source code for the menu doesn't really matter. The custom mapper you'd need for a particular multicart is what matters.

If you want to modify an existing multicart to replace games of the exact same size, you could do it without source code.

by on (#67632)
MMC1 can make multicarts of NROM games. Here's an example with source code.

by on (#67639)
Here is a another simple one for NROM games: