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Lua Scripts & Real Game Carts?

Lua Scripts & Real Game Carts?
by on (#66641)
I noticed an interesting video about the Justin Bailey Metroid '23rd Edition' hack, and the Lua scripts mentioned therein.

How exactly do these scripts function? Do they tie-into the emulator or do they add an interchangeable ASM hack overlay to the game?

Is there a reasonably simply way to use the Lua script data to add features directly into a ROM so that it runs on real hardware, or would this be impossible?


by on (#66643)
Lua scripts are for the emulator they run inside, and give enhancements to the emulator.
They don't do any ASM hacks. Just peeks and pokes.

Porting it to a cartridge is about as reasonable as porting an MP3 replacement music system.

by on (#66646)
In fact, if you have Famicom expansion sound available, porting an MP3 replacement music system might be easier than running Lua on a coprocessor because an MP3 player chip can present an interface much like that of the Japanese version of Bases Loaded.

by on (#66657)
You can tell it would be impossible just by looking at screens of the Metroid 23rd Anniversary hack. There's a minimap in the corner overlaid over the rest of the game, as well as a timer and other things. This might be possible to add to the game but it would take a huge overhaul, and your certainly couldn't just overlay it.