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Hey mr FamiTracker dev (jsr)

Hey mr FamiTracker dev (jsr)
by on (#64950)
When are you going to hit our IRC channel to talk about porting your app over to Qt? I got cpow (NESICIDE) to kick MFC, I bet I can help you too :)

I know a large amount of your code is tied directly to MFC but with collaboration you'll have a cross-platform tracker quicker than you think. Although I'm busy doing the plugin interface right now, I'm only months away from starting on the tracker logic -- so speak up now or forever hold your peace :)

by on (#64969)
Have you tried the Famitracker forums by any chance?

by on (#64981)
I suspect it would be faster to write a new tracker from scratch, but I haven't used Qt before so it might be interesting to give it a try. :)

So, where can I find this IRC channel?

by on (#64982)
EDIT: Misread "our".

by on (#64983)
It's #nesicide on ....