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aPLib decrunchers

aPLib decrunchers
by on (#63357)
I've written a couple of aPLib decrunchers in 6502 assembly that you can find here.
The first one decrunches to RAM, which might be useful if you've got a cart with extra RAM on it. The second one decrunches directly to VRAM.

None of the routines are particularly optimized for the 6502, since I mainly wanted to get them to work, so I wrote them in what I thought was a straight-forward way. Both of them uses 16 bytes of zeropage RAM while decrunching.

The assembly dialect used is NESASM, but I guess they should be easily fixable to assemble with pretty much any other 65xx assembler.

by on (#63366)
What is APlib, and how does it works. I'm interested in compression algorithms.

by on (#63367)
aPLib is an LZ-based algorithm which performs better than simpler algorithms like LZ77 and LZSS.
It has its own website here.