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help finding 6115, 6116 and 6117 CIC's?

help finding 6115, 6116 and 6117 CIC's?
by on (#62251)
does anyone know how i can find nes games on ebay with the 6115, 6116 and 6117 CIC's?

i need 6117 for UK/Italy/NZ/Australia regions the most because of different timing
didn't get any replies with my offer... maybe because it's a snes thread??
don't really like sacrificing games much.. it's like burning money for destruction of them lol :)
oh well.. figure it can't be much more then $60 for all three

i'll be releasing my binary and source.. other then the 6117 timing i need to add
1. the video mode select for the snes
2. the output for the PAL chip (also snes)

can't order games till friday so my offer stands until then
but i'll add the choice of atmega8 or attiny9
in key mode it auto detects the console (nes or snes)
attiny9 will be universal key only

thanks in advance

Image Image

by on (#62280)
i'm only having trouble finding asian carts now...
anyone know how i can find one? i'm emailing my nephew out in BC
he said they have lots of imports around... ideas anyone??
personally i have not seen a single asian cart for sale

i read they were sold in singapore, indonesia and hongkong
but some are marked 'asian version' and some 'hongkong version'

by on (#74965)
Any updates on this? Would be very interested to see how this came out.