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Where can I down "NES Studio"?

Where can I down "NES Studio"?
by on (#62155)
This software can edit the map?
Maped´╝îTile Studio and NES Studio which software can edit the nes map good? And where can I down "NES Studio"? :?:

by on (#62166)
I am guessing by seeing the word Map in there you need to change the header? You can change a games mapper if it is incorrect by using a mapper fixer that I've seen around somewhere IIRC, our adjust it via hex editor changing the header accordingly to the correct settings. Bootgod's database is great.....I don't have the link right now though :P :cry:

by on (#62170)
I think he's talking about maps as in levels. I.e. name tables, attribute tables and whatever metadata he needs.
I can't suggest any such tools though, since I don't use any myself.

by on (#62171)
I once used XLATE2 a long time ago, it's a DOS program. Probably not suitable for any real task besides simple text hacking.

by on (#62172)
I'm the author of Nes studio but the tool is still in alpha stage. I was working on it last year but stopped when I started to work on my mm9 project. It was good enough for my project since I knew the bugs and what to do not to make it fail.

In it's current state, it is not good enough for a public release. These days I don't have anymore time for hobbies so I cannot work on it to finish it (even the MM9 project). If I can make it stable enough, I will make a public announcement on nesdev when the time come but I don't think anytime soon.

by on (#62216)
The original is not yet complete. It seems also the original approach can only be done with maps.