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by on (#61932)
How many frames per second does the NES use? I don't mean the actual "physical" frames per second displayed by a TV screen and I also don't mean the refresh rate of an emulator window. I mean the following: When I use FCE Ultra 0.98.15, I can stop the game. And then, with the press of a key, I can advance the game frame by frame. Now, when the game runs in normal time, how many of these frames equal one second?

by on (#61933)
60 frames for NTSC, 50 frames for PAL. The actual exact number for NTSC is slightly higher than 60 though. But basically its 60 frames for NTSC and 50 for PAL.

by on (#61941)
Thanks. Yes, that fits.

by on (#61944)
My music engine assumes 3606 frames per minute for NTSC and 3000 per minute for PAL. You can see all the calculations on the wiki: a bunch of NES timings