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Hangman Source code and programming guides

Hangman Source code and programming guides
by on (#59542)
Well is has been about a year since i released my hangman game demo on these boards, and despite all good intentions, i have yet to do anything else with the game.

I created the game as part of an assignment for my Computer Science Degree, but the project included documentation on the opcodes and the NES hardware.

I am now going to release all of this in the hopes that it may help or inspire some others into creating retro games themselves...

This is the hangman game and src

this is the my opcode guide

This is my NES hardware guide

let me know what you guys think...

some notes:
First i hope no one gets mad if they see some familiar code in the src files. since there are limited resources, I used what i could find (sometimes not changing comments.)

second, the opcode guide doesn't explicitly explain how to do division with shifts.

third, i didn't include explanations of attribute bytes in the hardware guide.

by on (#59550)
It definitely should help people who are looking for a good functional example of game source. It's a pretty nice game from what I played of it. Looked professional.