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Development environment?

Development environment?
by on (#56395)
This is a question for everyone who's doing some "serious" NES-developing.
What kind of environment do you use for NES coding? How do you build your projects to avoid "messy-code"?

I'm just curious on how you guys do it. On my small projects I've done myself I'm often using notepad and just compiling with a DOS-compiler. It does the job for smaller projects but as things grow, code often gets hard to maintain.

At work I'm spoiled with tools like Microsoft Visual Studio.NET but obviously nothing similar exists for the NES-community.

Anyway, I'd love to hear some "behind-the-scenes" stuff. :)

by on (#56396)
- Sorry, do you mean this?

by on (#56397)
Wow, thanks. I need to get myself some glasses. :)