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6502 NES compiler for Windows x64?

6502 NES compiler for Windows x64?
by on (#55197)
I just tried to compile some NES code for the first time in aloong time. But Dasm6502.exe refuse to run on my Win7 x64 machine.
Do you guys have a favourite compiler that runs on a Windows 64-bit?

by on (#55198)
Well the source for that assembler can be found in here: I can't check at the moment, but it looks like MSVC++ would compile it just fine, maybe even as an AMD64 executable if you happen to have Visual Studio 2010...

by on (#55199)
You can compile 64 bit application with VS2008 too. If you only have express, just download the SDK and you should be fine.

If you don't mind to switch assembler, cc65 works just fine but any assembler that are compiled under win 32 bit will work. Dasm must be an old dos 16 bit exe. this is why it will not run under win7 64 bit.


If you still want to use it but don't want to recompile it, you could actually use dosbox and it would do the job.

by on (#55203)
Hm, that DASM seems to be the disassembler by Marat. I've also got an EXE with the same name that's a 6502 compiler.

by on (#55205)
I don't remember where I got it from but here's a Win32 version of DASM: