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Release date info for my game & trailer

Release date info for my game & trailer
by on (#54254)
Hey all. I figured I'd post here. I've got my art and I'm hoping for something in the general period of January 13th or so. It should be that day... I don't need to mod the ROM, just arrange the artwork and whatnot.

Official trailer:
Screen of the label:

You'll get a cart and manual with this. Hope you like the final product. 8)

by on (#54256)
I don't know if you've answered this already but what will the cost be and where will it be sold? The label art looks nice.

by on (#54259)
I love how it has a manufacturing code in the top left corner.

by on (#54270)
pretty sure this will be through retrozone like his previous releases

by on (#54273)
will it work on a PAL NES too? :)

by on (#54275)
I'm guessing that it will, and will be 1.2x easier, and have slower music that plays a half-step lower.
Of course, this assumes that you have modded your NES to not require the PAL lockout chip inside a cartridge. (NTSC and PAL do use different lockout chips, right?)

by on (#54276)
Dwedit wrote:
(NTSC and PAL do use different lockout chips, right?)

Cartridges from RetroZone have the CIClone lockout defeat chip. This can emulate four different lockout chips' programs, including North America and both European regions. (See also the 26-page CIClone development topic.)

by on (#54360)
Hey all. I answered some Q's in a video in case it was missed:

But yes on PAL and approx. $32