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Wide Boy replacement ROM

Wide Boy replacement ROM
by on (#50816)
Hi, folks. I felt like going back to NES coding for a little while to cook up a little replacement ROM for anyone (???) who has the WideBoy peripheral.

* Runs entirely in NES' RAM ($000-$7FF) for hot-swapping
* Allows full adjustment of the palettes for the GB screen
* Has a screen-recolouring function a la Super Game Boy on SNES

Image Image
Image Image

Available here: ...
(source code uses NESASM...)
Let me know what you think & what else could/should be done with it.

by on (#50817)
I'd be amazed if it was possible to make it respond to SGB commands, and act accordingly.
But of course, that would require intercepting all keypad IO, and monitoring all graphics on the screen, not to mention a ton of work for nothing :)

by on (#50828)
I wonder if it would be possible to emulate the WideBoy on the PowerPak?

by on (#50829)
The PowerPak could emulate the WideBoy but not the entire Game Boy. You'd need to find four spare inputs on the FPGA for the relevant signals on the LCD bus though.

by on (#50854)
Theres plenty of spare FPGA pins, but doesn't the WideBoy use dual ported RAM to share graphics between the NES and GameBoy? Still don't think I have seen tech description of either WideBoy or Demo Vision.