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Status report of my game - Almost there

Status report of my game - Almost there
by on (#50597)
Hey all. Just thought I'd write with this update...

I've got the ending cutscene nearly finished. I got most of the dialogue in, just need to put in an epilogue. I'll also need some graphics, but when I have those, that'll be a one night project. After that's done, all content will be implemented and this will be done!

From that point, it'll just be final tests and if all proves well, the end of things.

I will say that in the final game, some bosses are a little easier than what I had originally done. The Lotus, for example, takes fewer hits and its hitbox is slightly bigger.

But anyway, just thought I'd write this up. Hoping to have a cart coming soon enough.

by on (#50624)
Good luck with your project! I'm really impressed by it.

by on (#50701)
It will be interesting to see the final product. You're almost there. Good luck :)

by on (#50711)
Whenever I'm in a save room, the music reminds me of Daler Mehndi's Tunak Tunak Tun, or rather Tepples's rendition of it from OpenTris.nsf.

by on (#50741)
Yeah yeah, doublepost...

I just wanted to say that the game seems to be much easier than Contra 4 so far.