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Sprite Recreation Troubles (for a SMB1 hack)

Sprite Recreation Troubles (for a SMB1 hack)
by on (#50319)
I need help, I wanted to find a simple to use NES sprite editor utility, but I cannot find one, I am finishing off my semi-remade sprite engine (currently in-progress until tomorrow), And I only know 6502,

The problem is Sprite Coordinates, While remaking the sprite engines, The extra X and Y data is terrible to shift certain 8x8 sprites North/South/East/West as it's hard to manage alone!

This technique was used in complex NES games such as Hebereke, Megaman, and so on.

And yes, I still have space in my Project

BTW: I now FINALLY just removed sprite 0 permanently without any IRQ techniqes, so I am free to scroll except horizontally,

I'm going to sleep (it's 11:15 PM, darn it!)