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NESHLA update announcement

NESHLA update announcement
by on (#49475)
I have always wanted to use Brian Provinciano's NESHLA compiler to write a game for NES but since it was Windows-only and I'm a Linux user, it just wasn't going to happen.

Then, a couple days ago, I got motivated and decided to fork NESHLA, make it cross-platform, update the documentation, and add more examples so that this great compiler will get more use.

I just created a bitbucket repo with my current version of NESHLA. I reorganized the source tree, fixed some problems with the code, and added a GNU autotools build setup. The repo is here:

It currently builds with a few warnings and it will run under Linux. However, it is still broken and not usable just yet because internally, it doesn't handle file paths in a cross-platform way. Once I get it fixed, I'll start in on refreshing the documentation and adding more examples.

If anybody wants to help, I would love to have you contribute. You can send me patches, or if you want write access to the repo, just create an issue in the repo issue tracker requesting write access and I'll add you.

BTW, I also moved the libcopynes project over to bitbucket as well. That repo is here:


by on (#49523)
Today, I successfully compiled the demo game that comes with neshla on my Linux box.

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