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cc65, list of all symbols in map.lst

cc65, list of all symbols in map.lst
by on (#49220)
I would like to know the location of all my variables/procedure. The things is (I think), unless you export them, they will not comes out in the list. Is there an option to show all of them in the list? Either I missed the option or unless the variable is public, it will not be shown in that list.

Any information on this subject will be greatly appreciated.

by on (#49221)
Enable debug information for object files ("-g" switch in cl65) and when linking create a VICE label file (switch "-Ln labels.txt"). The resulting file contains addresses of all labels, including local ones. Local labels are not included if debug information is not enabled.

by on (#49222)
Great! This is what I was looking for, just didn't know how to do it. I knew that would have been strange that you cannot have this information somehow.

Thanks for the information, that will be quite useful.