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GemVenture Cartridge

GemVenture Cartridge
by on (#49174)
I'm trying to determine interest in having a finished GemVenture cartridge. The final version would include music and more graphics. I had some other things to add but I think I'll save them for the sequel. If you haven't seen GemVenture you can check it out here:

Also, are there other places on the interwebs I should ask around to see if people are interested?

by on (#49175)
Check out nintendoage....those guy will buy anything. (I even got a few requests for pung) Also check retrousb there's even a tic tac toe game on there. (which was awesome.....but I dont exactly need it on cart, no offense to it's creator) I'm considering making a small run of 10 pung carts.
So ya my advice: check nintendoage.