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Game's status report

Game's status report
by on (#48111)
Hey all. I haven't posted in a while, but I just thought I'd write this up...

-I pretty much have the entire game map squared. In total, there were around 550 or so rooms.
-There are 6 bosses, but 2 more have yet to be made. I will be working on those soon, most likely.
-Approx. 30-35 enemies/objects to deal with.

At this point, as I said, I just need to make up the 2 bosses and maybe some short final hallway as the last 2 fights will be pretty much back-to-back... After that's done comes the fun process of final tests and trying to get things to be tough but fair. Then all the extra junk like credits and some story and some extra features.

But all in all, it's looking good. I am hoping to be done with the bosses by early July and possibly done with the whole game in August or at the latest September.

Anyway, that's all I got for now. 8)

by on (#48115)
Interesting info!

Have you consider doing a "making of" blog, or something similar? I think many would like to read some "behind the scenes" stuff creating a NES game. Hints, ideas and how you solve problems I think would inspire alot of people (including myself :)).

by on (#48121)
About the closest thing to that I have considered was a "Let's play" with commentary on youtube, though I wouldn't put it out immediately after release... I could say what I was thinking about area X and such.

I did something like that for my old MM2 rom hack "The Adventures of Bass 2".