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Tried to make my own D+Pad Hero Cartridge

Tried to make my own D+Pad Hero Cartridge
by on (#47982)

like topic says, ive tried to create my own D+Pad Hero cartridge. Ive followed the instruction to use eproms from the nesdev page. But now I put the cartridge in my NES and i get a gray screen. The i looked up what ive done wrong. Then I saw that the EPROMs ive used dont have the A18 line.

Heres the datasheet (on that page, click download):;ACTION=6;LA=3; ... 9aa090c7ea

I wanted to ask now: is there a way to get it working with this chip or do i need to buy new ones and solder it again (but ive also seen that the only eproms reichelt (german electronics shop) has with an A18 line are the 512kb eproms).

Thanks for your answrers.