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Ultimate Frogger Champion is done.

Ultimate Frogger Champion is done.
by on (#47320)
Hi, I don't post much, but I may have asked one or two of you for help around 9 months ago. My game is finally done and for sale at Retrozone. ... ucts_id=74

I'm not really here asking anyone to buy it, but I just figured I'd share. It was my first game (and first crack and programming in general) so I figured I'd come to try to share my excitement. There's even a two-player mode!

Anyway, thanks for being here, guys. :) A demo is up on that same link if anyone wants to try it out.

by on (#47321)
Cool :-) I need money damnit :roll:

by on (#47344)
Hey, nice job! Pretty good for the first attempt at programming; mine was pathetic!

I was just curious, what are the hardware specs? Is this NROM or something else?

by on (#47356)
Will Konami, who developed the original Frogger game and sued to stop distribution of In The Groove, have an issue with the title?

by on (#47371)
CNROM, and I hope not. :)