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I have a question concerning the MMC5 mapper

I have a question concerning the MMC5 mapper
by on (#47235)
My megaman 3 rom hack uses the MMC5 mapper, and i only posted about this on
Well I just was curious in wanting to know how well, if my game can run on a real NES or not. I don't own a NES at all, or any of that stuff so i would never be able to find out myself. No one seems to have a NES or the tools i guess, from when i posted a couple weeks ago.

And i was told in the #rom-hacking IRC channel to try posting here instead cause on of you guys like loopy or blargg may have a game with the mmc5 mapper.

I know next-to-no people will probably ever have one in reality or ever consider playing my game someday in the future on a nes, but i was only just still curious anyways.
The thing is my game doesn't work well or at all on old outdated emulators like virtuaNES, Jnes, or old ones.
Only nestopia, nintendulator, and fceuxd 2.03 or higher are the few that truly work 100%.

So i was wondering first of all if any of you guys might have a NES, MMC5 board, and at least a SRAM battery with minimum of 16 KB ram, not 8, to test my game out and see how well it could work on a real nes.

by on (#47237)
Even if it runs OK, you seem to have picked a board with some pretty high specs, meaning it will be terribly hard to reproduce.

by on (#47238)
I assume this would need an EKROM board then, I don't see why it wouldn't work however there is a few more experienced guys on here that make carts up that could give you some more info.

What all have you done to hack this game.

by on (#47239)
Yeah, getting a board to test it is not such a big issue, the thing is that there are not many of them around and the MMC5 hasn't been cloned yet, so even if his code works on a real NES, not many people will be able to play it on the actual system.

by on (#47240)
Oh well i didn't know there'd be like a bunch of different types of mmc5 boards to pick from. :-/ But well nestopia shows the following information:
System: NES-NTSC
Board: EWROM, Mapper 5
PRG-ROM: 512k
CHR-ROM: 256k
W-RAM: 32k
Solder Pad: H:0 V:1
Battery: Yes

So i guess EWROM then. I plan on going up to the 1 MB graphic limit of the MMC5 whenever adelikat manages to fix the 5130 register emulation for fceuxd. i've been waiting for him to do it...for like 2 years now. :( Dont know if that would mean it would change the type of board yet again.

Well i've been working on my rom hack since 2005 and i've only got 1 single level done after 4 years unfortanelty. But i've been using most of the MMC5's features like the ex attributes, the multipler registers and soon in the near future, going beyond the regular 256 kb CHR limit (since mmc5 can go up to 1 MB) ...and i use a total of 16 KB ram to store stuff rather than the usual 8 kb. Cosnidering mmc5 goes up to 64 ..

I totally understand there isn't going to be anyone literally at all that'd have specific mmc5 boards or nes to play my game, that's okay. It would just intrest me to know what it's like on a real nes though if possible. :)

by on (#47245)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms II is the only USA cart that uses EWROM board, it is not uncommon. I would assume it needs a little rewiring.

by on (#47248)
Sadly I don't have an MMC5 devcart, but chances are someone here does and will test it out for you.

by on (#47263)
Okay, and that'd be great if so.

by on (#47271)
I have a socketed ETROM board to test with.