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NESASN.exe bank ?

NESASN.exe bank ?
by on (#46788)
Why the nesasm.exe the Biggest Bank 127?
And how can translate is bigger ? :?:

by on (#46791)
NESASM uses 8 KiB banks, much like the PC Engine/TG16 and like MMC3-class NES mappers. A PRG ROM with 128 such banks (0-127) is 1024 KiB. No NES game carrying the Official Nintendo Seal was bigger than that, to my knowledge; even Kirby's Adventure was only 512+256 KiB. Common mappers (MMC1, MMC3) tend not to even have enough address lines to go past 512 KiB.

by on (#46792)
PCM music is very big with the nes said.
I has made PCM 2.5MB,only used WINHEX.exe to did.
Manual trouble !
Has any quick means ?

by on (#46795)
Two workarounds:
  1. Keep the NES and don't use the PCM. Make music with the tone generators.
  2. Keep the PCM and don't use the NES. Develop for a platform that's designed for PCM music: enough storage and a beefy enough CPU to run an audio decoder. Suitable platforms include Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PDAs, subnotebook PCs, and anything with an optical drive.

by on (#46826)
Thank you tepples.
Therefore the nes platform does not suit the pcm music 。