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Question here for a noob FF1/rom to cartridge?

Question here for a noob FF1/rom to cartridge?
by on (#45525)
Hi, sorry for my english, im french canadian, but i have an important question here ! :P

Im new about nesdev and making rom into nes cartridge (im new from today) but i have a project about making Final Fantasy hack with Hackster, but i want to know if is it possible to "When i will finish my ff1 hack" to put it in a Nes cartridge, just for my pleasure and being "accomplish" lol

So this is possible? which material i would need? And how i can put a Rom into a repropak , or repropak mmc1 , i dont know if i name the good material too. but what is the cheapest, i dont want to buy the powerpak for all rom in one cartridge, but just my new rom.

Thx alors for reading me and for helping me!

by on (#45536)
Yes it's possible. The RetroUSB MMC1 board will make your job easier as you will only need to get someone to program your ROM file to a ROM chip and then you just solder all the components onto the RetroUSB MMC1 board. The components would be the ROM chip and two RAM chips, one for CHR-RAM and one for the WRAM (save ram). Also it's likely you could have someone else handle putting the whole thing on the cartridge for you if you pay for their time and all the materials involved.