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Help a brother out?

Help a brother out?
by on (#44065)
Hi, I'm totally new to all of this, but I have some questions. I want to ask my girlfriend to marry me, and want to be a BIT different (lol nerd joke). My girlfriend and I are avid Dr. Mario players and I would like to mod Dr. Mario to ask the question for me. I have found someone to put it on an 8 bit cartridge for me, so I know that is possible, but I don't know how I would go about modding the game, and making it ready to put on the cartridge. If anyone could help out a total noob it would be GREATLY appreciated.

I would settle for the tittle screen asking the question, but if I could get the screen after someone wins in a battle, that would be optimal. I have no programming background, but I am a graphic designer. Thanks so much for even reading this post!

by on (#44066)
Editing the title screen should be simple enough.

When are you going to ask her?
If it's in a long time, we might can cook up the last one there.

Could it be an idea to have the Dr. Mario title screen, and when you press start, it's written with big letters "Will you, *name*, marry me?" :)

by on (#44067)
I have some time, I`m thinking about next February; But the sooner I can get this done the better. Oh man, this would blow her mind, and I`m really excited that this is even a possibility. Thanks so much for the quick attention.

by on (#44068)
The first thing to figure out is if you can fit the within a space used by existing text. If so, that would make it really easy with the right tool (a hex editor w/ a relative search feature). Making it longer would require some actual hacking. Editing the title screen is possible, possibly the easiest. But it depends on how it stores the data (usually you can find it by (relative) search for any text that's already there.

In any event you'll need a hex editor for editing the files.

Good luck, as for myself I am currently engaged to get married.

A few years ago I made an SMB hack for someone to propose with, though I ended up never hearing back from him. It has Mario changed to be the princess from SMB2. The koopas are little Luigis (!). It was pretty funny.

by on (#44069)
Do you have to be able to play the game?
Because I think it would be easiest to just rip the title screen into it's own rom, and do some more magic after that :P
Like, you choose 1 or 2 player, and instead of game difficulty, it proposes, with Yes and No as alternatives :)

I think the idea of making a game you both love ask the question, is genius :D

by on (#44070)
I would like to be able to play the game, but I would rather it get done well. If we could still play that would be amazing because we could play with this version permanently. I mean there is a screen that loads after the round is done, and preferably, I would like to mod that. The further in to the game the better, I think it will add to the excitement of it. I just don't know how hard this all would be.

But I would settle to have the screen after the first screen pop the question. Like use the first screen again and just change the text, and change the 1/2 player to yes or no... But the end of the game would be the best!

Thanks... We play this game A LOT.

by on (#44075)
You stole my idea, haha. I know we are not the first to think of this but its been on my mind too. My idea is to have it on Tetris the Tengen version then when she gets to the end of the level and the dancers come out there is text asking the question. I always get there first but I could forfeit this one time.

How possible is this idea guys, how long would it take to teach me how to do it on my own.

by on (#44076)
marvelus10 wrote:
My idea is to have it on Tetris the Tengen version then when she gets to the end of the level and the dancers come out there is text asking the question. I always get there first but I could forfeit this one time.

If you'll take Tetris, not Dr. Mario, I could probably customize Tetramino for you. All I'd need would be a wav/mp3/ogg/whatever of you saying "Will you marry me?".

by on (#44088)
I mean there is a screen that loads after the round is done, and preferably, I would like to mod that.

The message box that pops up spans 6 characters horizontally and 7 vertically (not counting the frame). You would just need to come up with some text to put in there.

If you are looking for a guide for text editing I would suggest The Art of ROM Hacking. Just note when you make a table file you may have to format it this way "00=0" instead of "00 0". I guess it depends on the program.

The message box starts at address 000028AC and ends at 000028E1 (I am using PRG1).

by on (#44093)
How hard is it to make a whole new screen, and make that load when someone wins? Shes not so observant most of the time, and I worry that a simple text swap won't make it as obvious as it might need be. Plus the more dynamic the better.

I've seen people hack their own levels, could this be done in a similar way?

by on (#44095)
There's already a cut scene in the game, the one with the viruses sitting on the tree. It plays after levels 5, 10, 15, and 20 of medium and high speed. I think it'd probably be easiest to replace the "CONGRATULATIONS!" text in that scene and then have her play 5 MED.

by on (#44096)
That would be an ideal scene... but there is no way to put that scene at the end of a battle is there? or is there a way to disable skipping it by hitting the start button?

Ive recruited a buddy of mine who also has never done anything like this, but is enthusiastic and has worked in c++ a bit. we have quite a bit of time, I just need to know what is possible.

All this feedback is great, and if anyone does know what they're doing and wants to help, please PM me.

by on (#44097)
tepples wrote:
have her play 5 MED.

If I got her to do that she would know something is up. We play 20 high and work our way up from there! That's an even cooler cut scene, because there is a spaceship that takes the viruses away.

by on (#44099)
There might be more room to work with if the graphics of the tree in the cut scene were changed. Say for example into a sign. I suppose the palette would need to be changed too so it wouldn't turn completely black in 20 hi as well as to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

If you start off with 20 hi you would see the cut scene after you beat the level (Edit: but you already knew that).

by on (#44116)
I like where this is going.
But I'm still looking in to how to change the screen after the battle; but I mean you guys know more than I do, I'm very limited.

by on (#44144)
Just hope she doesn't enter "NO." in the highscores :?

by on (#44157)
No need to worry about that. Unlike Tetris, Dr. Mario has no initials.

by on (#44170)
Or let her the choise between "Yes" and "Yes".

by on (#44176)
Or go the DW route:

"Will you marry me?"
"But you must! Will you marry me?"
"But you must! Will you marry me?"

by on (#44179)
I'm not too worried about the no option. I would have bigger things I would be worried about than how the game reacts.

Thanks for the confidence though! :? lol