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D-Pad Hero

D-Pad Hero
by on (#42722)
I take it most of you have seen this already?

Looks very good and professional for a NES homebrew game, imho.
But does it run on real hardware?
Also, are the developers regulars here?

by on (#42724)
I has a powerpak. I has a NES. I has a rom. But I has no skill.

Or perhaps the developer needs to put in multiple step charts per song like DDR, Amplitude, Guitar Hero, and pretty much every other rhythm game I've played has.

TIP 1 to survive part of the Michael Jackson song: If you press diagonally down and left, you can hit both down arrows and left arrows. I guess that must be DPH's counterpart to hammer-ons.

by on (#42725)
Most of the songs are listed as having been remade by Snowbro, so maybe he has worked on it. The "Contact Us" page lists Kent Hansen and Andreas Pedersen. Does anyone know who they are?

by on (#42726)
Kent is Snowbro. I could tell that's who made it pretty quickly (especially with the score display). I think he's posted here before, but probably many years ago.

by on (#42827)
I'm not a fan of these types of music games, but has anyone found any errors on hardware w/ PowerPak yet? The site doesn't make a mention of people bugtesting on hardware.

by on (#42943)
Snowbro has got talent. Hopefully we see more homebrews from him.

by on (#42975)
When I've played this in Nestopia 1.40 I've had it occasionally pause without the Start button being pressed. Has anyone else have this happen to them? It could be the DMC glitch.

by on (#42977)
It is the DMC glitch but they seem to have solved it now:

by on (#42978)
doesnt dmpc trigger the right button?

by on (#42983)
If you're holding Up, a double clock while reading A, B, or Select can cause Up to be shifted to Start.