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Tiny Toon Tennis: my NES proyect

Tiny Toon Tennis: my NES proyect
by on (#40434)
I'll first make it in game maker and then port it to a nes game. I know it will be like programming a game twice, but at least I'll have the graphics and timing done. The game has the NES resolution, and plays at 60 fps. The image wont scroll, so the vblank wont be such a headache when I be porting it to the NES.


game: ... p&id=27561

To start press the Z key. Then, move Buster Bunny with the arrow keys. Hit the ball with Z or X. If you hit it using Z, the ball will first fall on the blue"B" sign, doing so with X, it'll first fall on the red"A". During gameplay press N to go to the next stage or R to go to the first. Don't go further than the whirlwinds stage, two or three empty stages after it a "no more rooms left" signal will appear and the program will close itself. ESC to close the game yourself. Plucky(the duck)'s stage is the closest to completion, then Hamton(the pig)'s, the others doesn't even worth trying by now.

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The link doesn't work (it's abbreviated).

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Fixed. Now the link works.

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Good luck.

by on (#41589)
any update on the nes port? ;)

by on (#41658)
Thanks for your interest. I updated the Game Maker version, but the NES port will be the last thing. You will see it completed in Game Maker first. It's way easier for me to program and modify the game in GM than in 6502. I just have a general idea about 6502 programming. I'll learn it while making the port. By now, I have studied in detail the NES graphics. I have in mind the pallettes I'll be using, the 64 sprite limit thing, etc. I know as well I'll have to make some sprites flicker and use a mapper.
Please if anyone sees in the progress of my game something that "is too much" for the NES or will make it run very slowly, tell me.

By the way, you can see how is it going here: