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Mini Game Compo Submission - !Clik!

Mini Game Compo Submission - !Clik!
by on (#38996)
Ever since getting into dev, I've thought it'd be cool to make a game for one of the compos that are held every year. Well, I noticed that the 4k category is ending on November 30th, so I thought I'd whip something together.

There are still a few minor things that I'd like to fix, but I went ahead and sent my submission off anyway. It took me three days to make, so I'm pretty happy about that. I think it's my most fun game to date, because it's just pure action as apposed to puzzles hehe

Anyway, it's called !Clik!, and if you'd like to check it out, here it is with source included:

Have fun!

by on (#39003)
That's pretty sweet! I made it to 73 before biting the big one.

by on (#39010)
hehe Thanks SSD : ) There's a point where it actually maxes out the score, and you were pretty close!

by on (#39017)
Roth wrote:
hehe Thanks SSD : ) There's a point where it actually maxes out the score, and you were pretty close!

There it the double exclamation points!!

Man, seeing these homebrew projects makes me wish I could put my own project together more quickly. But I'm going for commercial quality (whether that gets realized is another story), so it's rather slowgoing.

by on (#39060)
I had a chance to do a quick spin and for a 3 day project, it is quite nice. Good job :)

As for myself, it will be a while before I can get a game out since I can put sometime 1h or less per day. Young kids have a tendency to drain your time and energy : :wink:

by on (#39062)
Thanks Banshaku! The three day thing is huge for me. I really didn't think I had it in me to put something together that fast, so it was surprising to say the least hehe

I totally understand about the young kid comment. It's nice that now my son is 7 and has interests of his own. This way, when we aren't doing stuff together, it's alot easier to do these kinds of projects because he is off doing his own thing. Still, the young years you spend tirelessly with them are awesome!

by on (#40076)
hahaha! cool game Roth :-)