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Update of my Window demo with mid-frame palette writes

Update of my Window demo with mid-frame palette writes
by on (#38387)
I was bored this evening so I just made an update/upgrade of my old Window demo so that it appears with the least glitches as possible, and be available for both NTSC and PAL.
This demo basically display a textbox (window), but that have a background whose color is chnaged each HBlank with various PPU writes (only the BG color is changed to have the shortest timing possible).
Demoes and the sources are available here :

The NTSC version allow for a 26-tile wide window, but the PAL version only allow for 25-tile wide window (the 26th would be flickering due to slower CPU).

Now the NTSC version appears flawlessly in Nestopia and Nintendulator (before it had glitches) I don't know how it does on real hardware.

The PAL version have glitches on the far right, but on the real hardware they are significantly less noticeable than in Nestopia. Also, if I wait one CPU cycle more, the image appears perectly stable on both Nestopia and Nintendulator, but on real hardware is shakes horizontally ocasionally and that only on half of resets (yet it's still innaceptable). So I had to wait one cycle less and make glitches appear on the right (the numbers after the instruction in the source may not be the correct ones, I didn't care to change them, I just go for the trial and error when doing timed code).

EDIT: I'm uploading the files directly to the forum since it is now possible, and I don't have a website anymore.

by on (#38394)
Looks really awesome, but in the latest version of Nintendulator (0.965), the NTSC version shakes horizontally one time booting up for certain resets, and boots up perfectly fine in other resets. In the latest version of Nestopia (1.40) however, the NTSC version shakes all the time, regardless of soft or hard resets. Also in Nestopia, the PAL version's glitches spill into the textbox itself, while it sometimes does for Nintendulator after certain resets.

by on (#38422)
Yeah, I somewhat fixed that now, at least I made a PAL version that looks almost flawless on real hardware (there is glitches on the right but they are almost invisible on my TV).
For Nintedulator I use 0.965 and the NTSC version works 100% prefect. I fine tuned it like I did on PAL by moving the hit one pixel left, chaging the best case and worst case timing.