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So many lousy NES docs and tech infos on this web site!. I'

So many lousy NES docs and tech infos on this web site!. I'
by on (#36714)
If I was directly read NES documents(complete) then I quickly make my own NES progs, games and utis.
Because NES's hardwares are so pretty, so cool specially CPU6502 early 8bit processor
I'm wondering that processor created in early 1975 that's amazing also game consol in 1983.
My mind fooling when I read all this your sites crap non complete many seperated creepy documents
also your stupid freaky uncompatible programs!.
Now I think NES is stink (actually your stupid docs and programs! only).

So I'll show you later my programs super interactive disassembler sourcer for NES
and direct nes game builder. If I found complete information and docs on the net.

by on (#36715)
Thanks. And welcome to the NESDev community.

by on (#36716)
This guy pretty much sums up my opinion of the current state of NES documentation versus the way I imagine/wish things were. This difference is where I usually find inspiration, but unfortunately finding energy to improve things is another matter...

by on (#36717)
It's not going to fix itself. Get cracking Hell_Killer_SS, show us how it's done.

by on (#36718)
blargg wrote:
This guy pretty much sums up my opinion of the current state of NES documentation versus the way I imagine/wish things were. This difference is where I usually find inspiration, but unfortunately finding energy to improve things is another matter...

Yes, I kind of understand his feeling (even thought it could have been said more nicely).

The problem right now is the information is too segmented. The wiki is a good start but is still incomplete.

So when you're a beginner, the first thing you find is nesdev. Then you start searching in the documentation but the list as not been updated in a while (2005) so you cannot guess that maybe most of the document there could be deprecated.

So you mostly end up with nestech by luck and get confused here and there. You then decide to start to write some message about your question to then be answered "those documents are wrong, check the wiki".

Now that you have been enlightened you get on the wiki to realize that the information you are looking for is not there (or is it?). You then try to search on the forum but since your a beginner anyway, you don't know exactly how to search what you're looking for. You end up asking some question that may have been answered a 100 time but was asked a different way.

So is the process of a beginner from my point of view. The road is long and harsh until you get to the light you were looking for. If you persevere you should reach it. Of course, if you don't have any programming/hardware background then in that case the road will be longer but that's nothing the nesdev community can do about it: you have to learn at least about the basic.

by on (#36721)
If you think the NESdev doccumentation is a big mess, try to search about C64 doccumentation ! It's about 100 times more messy than NESdev ! Probably because the official docs were there along the computer, but they are too global and un-technical, and overall lacks details.

When I was a begginer I found NESdev doccumentation is not perfectly organised, but it's allright (back when the main site were still updated frequently).

by on (#36732)
There's enough documentation here to build 95% of the NES accurately in hardware, and that's plenty good enough for game development. Perhaps Hell_Killer_SS's problem is a language barrier; I imagine it would be difficult for him to track down and cross reference information from the main site, forum and wiki, then prioritize it without knowing the community.

by on (#36738)
I don't think I've looked at a lot of the guides here because I was so lost in doing so. Luckily there were adequate tutorials by bunnyboy on doing some stuff with NESASM.

I think that being able to get some sort of results (albeit simplistic at first) was what did it for me.

But anyway... if user do not like documents this site presented has, then harder you must try, elsewhere look you can, and not complain you must. It true is! Question it is not!

by on (#36750)
So the current state of documentation is not perfect. How would one go about making it any better? Also, is the current state of documentation really any better for other systems?

by on (#36751)
Alright, which one of you has been slipping subliminal messages in the docs that make people feel creepy? hm? Fess up! ; )

I know what he means, but really, it only takes time. There were about six months where I didn't do anything because I was kind of frustrated. I think it's a matter of experimenting with the NES... I dunno. If you want to make some sort of program for the NES, then you will. If you don't have the desire to, then you won't. I think the docs are complete enough to get you going, at least. Heck, and now with the wiki, it's alot easier to start moving along from the get go.

by on (#36762)
First of all thanks for everyone. 8)
kyuusaku! you wrote here "There's enough documentation here to build 95% of the NES accurately in hardware"
Yes obviously enough documents here NES's docs that's your advantage, but mine I cant digging so long time is sort I can't connect to internet more than 5 min and every day. Just once a week or two months only.
My first problem is I'm using high price very low speed internet lower than 4Kb variable.
Second problem is I'm all alone trying to revealing hardwares no one helped me even they don't know about real hardware process mostly cows and monkeys (sorry, but it's true.). Also I can't find any of hardware related books, diagrams and infos perhapes I can't buy or sell any software and hardware datasheets that's impossible here in this stupid country.
Now you know my problems.
So about ACCURACY of Hardware 95%... Maybe your right but I dont think so. I know electronics better than anyone but I'm alone... :idea:

by on (#36773)
NES's hardware little and simple old technology there is only few registers almost doesn't need to know how those chips works that's obvious. Additional external devices memmory manager, external audio, paddle devices that's unusual.
NES is no take long time is that right? Only needed two hours or two days to spend for learning and programming if there was required documents downloaded. If there was important proper registers and complete documents
I can spent same time but didn't, whole week I wasted because there is no such complete exact documents all missing. Finally I got some missing address from another sites result of all over searching internet. Now I got proper registers and I'm preparing to my own programs.

by on (#36790)
Buy a CopyNES from and install it. Then you can use hardware debugger utilities to figure out how games work at a low level when you don't have time to use the internet. :P

by on (#36797)
Yeah I would agree, obviously some solid *THIS IS IT* documentation rather than *well you can read this, this or this, or that or all together etc*.

But what I find really amazing is the way this guy writes it cracks me up, not to be mean but I'm very sick at the moment and it's the best laugh I have had all week, thank you very much and indeed welcome!

by on (#36862)
I always wished there was a comprehensive tutorial covering all the important subjects (graphics, input handling, sound, etc), each chapter being accompanied by example code.

The availability of such tutorials for the GBA, albeit some were said to be inaccurate, made learning GBA programming back then much easier for me. They even helped in learning NES programming later because they explained concepts like nametables and OAM so well.

Anyway, I think it's important to receive feedback from beginners to make any kind of documentation more usable.
Not sure if the language used in this particular feedback is adequate, but I agree, it puts a smile on my face.

by on (#36874)
Cows and monkeys?

by on (#36887)
I'm with miau.

Even if some things aren't absolutely correct, I mean you have to do some leg work on your own eh :P.

Regarding having a crack at emulating the NES, I am not *too* experience with assembler but there are some documents with assembler examples, course no good for most people who would not dream of writing an entire emulator in one anyway......

Perhaps as a future project with a more full understanding, but not straight out of the gate, examples should be in something like C/Basic or Pascal (I find it somewhat easy to read between all 3 of these, of course depending on how it's written, such as I don't use standard classing at all and that can throw me out). Or even some made up human readable psudeo code.