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A generic text scroller! YAY!

A generic text scroller! YAY!
by on (#36132)
Look, I finished something! For once. It scrolls text across the screen, and it comes with the source and a readme. Link

by on (#36135)
Nice job! Scrolling's a pain, isn't it? I've been tweaking my 4-way scrolling engine for about 8 months off and on, because there are so many stupid things to deal with when scrolling. Anyways, keep up the good work!

by on (#36136)
You left out the "Init.txt" file:
        ldx #$40
        stx $4017
        ldx #$ff
        stx $2000
        stx $2001
        stx $4010
        bit $2002
vwait1: bit $2002
        bpl vwait1
        sta $0000,x
        sta $0100,x
        sta $0200,x
        sta $0300,x
        sta $0400,x
        sta $0500,x
        sta $0600,x
        sta $0700,x
        bne clearram
vwait2: bit $2002
        bpl vwait2

by on (#36138)
Thanks Blargg! File updated.

And yes, Celius, scrolling on the NES is a pain. Whenever I write a tile to the name table, in order to scroll it in, I have to write the address of the OPPOSITE name table after I've done that. And I imagine trying to do 8-way scrolling with the NES is even worse. I was able to find this article about 8-way scrolling techniques used on the C64.

by on (#36140)
No builtin ASCII conversion? The shame!

by on (#36149)
Yes, but 0-9 is, actually, $00 - $09. It makes using BCD for scores easier and faster. That, and I had to make the char set <= 85 tiles so I could fit all three versions in.

by on (#42448)
UPDATE: The Generic Text Scroller is now version 0.2! It now comes with a program that allows you to convert text files into the .bin files that the program uses. Tedious hex editing is no longer necessary to change the .bin file.