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Which multicart is this?

Which multicart is this?
by on (#34501)
Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I am trying to find out if this multigame has been dumped and which one it is? I've tried what I think are the obvious, but can't find it.

Don't have a screenshot currently, but it seems to be a "supervision" cart

Title screen says:

20 Games

Background is an kind of map like, with the text mainly over water with land on the sides.

Apologize if it is cryptic, I can see if I can get a pic if it doesn't jog anyone's memory. Thanks

by on (#34510)
Found it. My google foo must of been off this past week. Super 42-in-1 using Mapper 226

by on (#34512)
If you can open it, a picture of the board would help.

by on (#34545)
Sorry, the cart is not in my possession.

I do wish there were more resources on the HW inside the carts, mainly looking for schematic level of detail.