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Looking for a tile-based hex editor

Looking for a tile-based hex editor
by on (#34218)
Does anyone remember/still use the old X-Late? Basically, it was a tile-based hex editor (you'd load a set of 256 tiles from a ROM or CHR file, and you could browse/edit a ROM with those tiles loaded). It's a great tool for quickly editing text without building a table, or visually locating things that a normal hex editor can't (like title screens and sprite data).

Unfortunately, the program is very incomplete and buggy, and doesn't run in XP (DOSbox runs it, but it loads very slowly). Does anyone know of a similar program that runs natively in Windows, or at least behaves well in an XP command window?

by on (#34221)
If I'm correct, Tile Layer Pro does what you want, and it's for Windows.

by on (#34224)
I agree w/ the Tile layer Pro suggestion, one of the best hacking tools I've used.

by on (#34240)
YY-Chr might do want you want?

by on (#34244)
YY-CHR is what I'd use too. I made a font-hack on FF3j with it, it works very well. I have to say I prefer it over TLP; I use it for everything. But that's just me...

by on (#34246)
Uh, I don't think you guys understand.

I know there are plenty of TILE editors available (I use YY-CHR a lot), but what I'm looking for is a tile-based HEX editor. Instead of loading a table file that maps ASCII characters to different hex values, it can load a CHR file and map those tiles to hex values. So, for example, you could load SMB1's background CHR and use it to visually locate things like the title screen and block data in the ROM.


I hope that's clear enough... -_-

by on (#34248)
So you want something like NSA or 8Name, except it scrolls through the entire rom, right?

by on (#34249)
Yes. Exactly like that. Thank you. :)

by on (#34250)
Sorry, yeah, I guess I didn't understand at first. But now it makes complete sense. I don't know of any programs that exist though, but what I'd do is I'd split the whole ROM up into 1k chunks and just use an existing tile editor to edit those sections. Though this is kind of slow and tedious...
Re: Looking for a tile-based hex editor
by on (#34252)
There is Djinn Tile Mapper, That is what I use. It can be found at RomHacking.Net

by on (#34263)
Thanks for the link, Hamtaro. I'd been looking/wishing for the same thing for a while now too. It works well, too, minus some buggy functions and things I can't figure out yet.