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MMC1 Dev

MMC1 Dev
by on (#33908)
hi guys long time no see

Im about to make a nes copy cart , with Zelda ,

it has Ok chr , so i guess this one i don't touch , i think it's the top mask rom on top of the PRG right?

the prg & the one on his left i take them out???

also can anyone help me remind , me how to do the task , i know i need to make the pinout match my eprom's pinout ,

ill be using 29f040

by on (#33909)
darn i think i put this in the wrong section , ^^

by on (#33910)
Look at this doccument and apply the modification SNROM (mapper 1), that should do it.

by on (#33911)
just started bending my socket , but i then realised it's true nes mask rom are 28 pin & my socket are 32.... if i follow the direction correctly the bent pins aren't correct since some will toutch nothing...

but if i see clearly on the Snrom zelda cart i have , there's 2 extra holes on each side making it possible for 32 pins do i connect pin 1 to those? or pin 1 to the original holes...?

by on (#33912)
The PRG Slot is basically 32 pins, the first 4 are unused on Zelda because it is only 128kb. The doccument is for 32-pin chips.

by on (#33913)
so i assume pin 32 goes to one of the solder extra holes & voila :)

by on (#33917)
when they say , let say ,

Pin 1 to pin 24 (they mean pin 1 of the Socket (bent pin) up to the 24th hole of the 28 pin original chip right?