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fce ultra

fce ultra
by on (#33292)
Is there anybody who have ever analysed the fce ultra source code.
please , who can help ?

by on (#33295)
Could you be more specific, please?

by on (#33296)
fce ultra for linux system. i read the source code fceu-0.98.12.src.tar.bz2, but i can't undersdand most of all.
so is there anybody who have ever read this souce code or have some information about this code,or have a text report about this.
please , thank you very much. :D

by on (#33297)

Do you not know the language? Are you trying to compile it? Etcetera?

by on (#33298)
i have compiled it successfully . But i want to know more about fce ultra.

by on (#33299)
atari2006a, the left person of your head portrait is like the linkin park' s singer chester bennington. Is it him?

by on (#33300)

by on (#33301)
i'm chinese ... english is poor. " look like " :D

by on (#33302)
什么是您在寻找,在fceu的源代码?此外,什么是名称之一, famicom游戏与坦克?

(sorry, couldn't help it :P)

by on (#33303)
Are you chinese? Honestly speaking , i have to do a report about
fce ultra,the nes emulation for linux. i want to analyse the source code fceu-0.98.12.src.tar.bz2.
Just analyse the environment for nes games.

by on (#33304)
Maybe you could pick a different emulator programmed by someone on this forum. Then they could keep talking and talking about their emulator for hours on end.

by on (#33305)
But my report is on that subject. :cry: I'd better do it on my own.

by on (#33314)
Or you could go bother the people who maintain unofficial versions of FCEU, such as FCEUXD, or FCEU re-recording. They might be able to help.

by on (#33322)
Thanks for you suggestion.