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wiring for Just Breed..?

wiring for Just Breed..?
by on (#32977)
I have a Gemfire donor board and the PRG and CHR have been desoldered. I don't understand all the specifics to get this working myself. Can anyone tell me what needs to be wired up on each? and what needs to go same to same?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT.. I stuck this in the wrong area by mistake.. please move this! :( SORRY!

by on (#32987)
I remember seeing a very similar post very short ago. So yeah, I'm still unsure if MMC5 wiring is exactly the same than other carts (I've got contradicion informations), and I'm too lazy to check.

I guess this page should have the info for it :

by on (#32989)
Thanks, but the 4Mbit type has 3 VCCs. I've never seen that before. Usually aren't they on pin 32? What do I do with all 3?

by on (#32990)
The other ones are probably either unused pins or just pins with another function (like PRGM or VPP, which are needed at programming but not for reading the ROMs back). Those doesn't power the chip, but it's best to not leave them floating either.

by on (#32991)
When you say don't leave them floating? Where should I wire them to?


by on (#33001)
To VCC I guess.... that's why they are labelled VCC....
Bootgod planned to doccument all pinouts of known ROMs more widely as he have boards for almost all games, but I don't have many news of that.