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Is Chris Covell still around? Solar Wars related

Is Chris Covell still around? Solar Wars related
by on (#31950)
I was wondering if Chris Covell was still lurking around here. I was trying to find out if he or anyone had any information about a small release of Solar Wars on cart about say 6-7 years ago.

Here's what the cart I'm asking about looks like. I'd like to know who made it, how many they made, month/year it was made, and if possible how much it cost at the time.


by on (#32023)
Hi, I don't recognize the cart nor who made it. But that was a long time ago, so of course I don't remember so well. I sure hope it didn't cost too much, because I asked anyone who made cartridges of the game to charge a price equivalent only to the cost of the parts and (a little bit of) labour.

by on (#32025)
well, the people who brought it to my attention said they couldn't remember either, but thought that it cost like $20-$30 bucks which imo wouldn't have been too bad in say 2001 or so considering it had to be made from doners. I was hoping you might know since I would think someone would ask your permission before actually making a run of carts as oppose to a personal copy. they also say they thought 20 or 30 were made.

I'm just trying to make a list of semi-commercially release Homebrews, and this was a cart I didn't know about till it got brought up.

Judging from feedback, there's probably some interest in a run of this cart again, if you'd allow it.

Homebrew list link

here's my work in progress

by on (#32517)
If it dated that long ago I would naturally assume it was one of numerous carts at the time that were created for private personal use, not actual mass print-runs. With well known over-enthusiastic NES owners like DreamTR and NES-God, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the real story to that.

Unless this was released at one of the Classic Gaming Expos.

Mista P

by on (#32579)
well, I've got a little more information from someone else who got one. He bought it from JeffD, and according to the email, Chris may have burned the eproms for it. It's just this was made such a long time ago, it hard for people to remember. There's a few people who have the same cart and they remember someone selling them, so I'm still looking for more info. It appears these weren't just personal copies.